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Bloom Magazine Launch

Passing the light of creativity and ideas from generation to generation, BLOOM Magazine Launch 2020/2021 happened in October 2022 with the effort of MBBS 32 and SHS 14 batches. BLOOM was initiated to give a platform for medical students to unleash their creativity and to shape their unexpressed ideas on to a magazine. BLOOM magazine portrays the idea that professional education is not the only avenue where one should achieve creativity, wisdom and innovation. BLOOM paves the way for the students to improve their English and cognitive abilities, while they eventually develop their inter-personal and communication skills while developing leadership. ‘Improving’ English medium education should be nurtured in fostering humanism in patient care since creativity is not just an aspect of self-fulfillment; it is also a mode of enhancing benevolence. Therefore, BLOOM is a platform where the undergraduates are directed to enhance their creative writing skills, and while working as a team to make the magazine and the launching ceremony a success.

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