Information Technology Courses for School Leavers
Closing Date for Applications : 20th February 2023

Having Microsoft Office skills will prove that you’re up to date with the latest technology. This course will raise your proficiency in Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint Applications. The course is conducted by The Health Data Science Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, and a certificate will be offered to the participants who complete the course.
Duration    - 42 hours (07 Weeks) 
Class Days - Saturday Full Day
Class Time - 09.00 am to 04.00 p.m    

Location    - 
Health Data Science Unit,
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Kelaniya
Medium - Sinhala & English
Method  - Face to face sessions with Combination of lectures & practicals
Contact Details
Coordinator -  Ms.Piume Madushani
Hotline          -  +94 715 812 021
                          +94 112 961 279
Email               -

Course Content
This course covers the following areas in  MS Office. and You will learn those in detail.

MS Word

  1. Insert and delete texts
  2. Selection Techniques
  3. Blank documents and templates
  4. Ribbon Environment
  5. Font Formatting
  6. Paragraph Formatting
  7. Inserting Pictures
  8. Insert Tables
  9. Heading Styles
  10. Page Layout
  11. Header & Footer
  12. Insert page numbers
  13. Themes gallery
  14. Spell Checker and Grammar Checker
  15. Report Writing
  16. Track Changes
  17. Mail Meagre

MS Powerpoint

  1. Common facts about PP Presentation
  2. Blank Presentation and templates
  3. Tabs and Panes in the interface
  4. Main pane, Slide pane, Note Pane
  5. Slide Layout
  6. Insert Bullets, Insert Pictures, Insert Screen Shots, Insert Shapes
  7. Changing the color and outline of the shape
  8. Insert Text box, Insert WordArt, Insert Graph
  9. Apply Themes
  10. Add Transitions
  11. Add Animations
  12. Prepare and run the presentation
  13. Presenter View
  14. Slide Master
  15. Cropping Pictures (Cropping Options)
  16. Grouping Pictures
  17. Layers in a slide
  18. Insert audios and videos
  19. Record a presentation
  20. Save and print a presentation

MS Excel

  1. ntroduction to Spreadsheets and MS Excel application
  2. Work in worksheets, cells, and managing worksheets
  3. Formatting cells, contents, and conditional Formatting
  4. Sorting and Filtering Data in excel tables
  5. Calculate data writing formulas and using Excel built-in Functions
  6. Understand the different types of charts and work with charts
  7. Analyze data working in PivotTables and PivotCharts
  8. Preparing Outputs and Print Worksheet

MS Access

  1. Introduction to Database Concept and MS Access application
  2. Getting Started and working with MS Access
  3. Tables: concepts, data types, and working with Tables
  4. Working with Forms
  5. Retrieving Information by performing Queries
  6. Outputs: Reports, Export and PrintingI
  7. Relationships
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