Prof Carlo Fonseka passes away


The Faculty mourns the passing away of the Founder Dean and Emeritus Professor of Physiology, Prof Carlo Fonseka.  Prof Fonseka was a charismatic figure who endeared himself to the public with his oratory skills, flair for writing both on academic and national issues, interest in music and the arts and humanistic qualities.

Generations of doctors who were his students in the Medical Faculties of Kelaniya and Colombo remember him for his spellbinding and animated lectures which were a treat to listen to. A teacher par excellence he has left his mark in the academic sphere by mentoring, encouraging and guiding many of today’s eminent medical men and women in Sri Lanka.

He held many leadership positions, the last of which was as President of the Sri Lanka Medical Council. Active till the last, his demise leaves a void in the hearts of all Kelaniya academics and students to whom he was an inspiration. The Faculty anthem, written by him will ring in the ears of every student stepping in to the hallowed portals of the medical school year after year, challenging them to be doctors with a human touch. In his own true fashion, he donated his mortal remains to the Anatomy department of the Faculty for the benefit of future medical students.

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