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Ragging Prevention Efforts at the Faculty of Medicine University of Kelaniya 2019 

A symposium on ragging and other form of violence and the preventive efforts of the Faculty of Medicine University of Kelaniya was held on 28st of May 2019 at the main auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine commencing from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Mr. Lajithsha Anthony and Ms. Dula Alwis 4th Year Medical Students commenced the symposium addressing ‘Ragging related Violence in Sri Lanka: The extent of the problem’ followed by Prof. Prashantha Wijesinghe, Dean Faculty of Medicine with the topic ‘Ragging & other forms of violence in the Faculty of Medicine Kelaniya and the response of the administration’. Third speaker of the symposium was Prof. Shehan Williams, Consultant Psychiatrist & Professor in Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya addressed the students on “Psychosocial effects of ragging and other forms of violence”. Professor Williams explained the herd mentality and how it leads to collective violence where individually people will never do.

Mr. Ajith Rohana, Deputy Inspector General, Traffic and Road Safety of Sri Lanka Police was the guest speaker who spoke on the Laws regarding Ragging in Sri Lanka and its effects from an investigator and prosecutor’s view. Mr Ajith Rohana explained the basics of the law principles and Act No 20 of Prohibition of Ragging and other forms of violence in Educational Institutes of Sri Lanka in detail. Then Mr. Lajithsha Anthony and  Ms. Dula Alwis  came to the podium again under the theme of  ‘What can students do to prevent any form of violence?  An action for today not tomorrow.   Final speaker of the day was the President of the Student’s Union Mr. Anuraja Gamage on the ‘Commitment of the Student Union for Prevention of Ragging in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya’. The symposium was attended by the 29th Batch of students who are going to be the immediate seniors. Many academics participated the symposium. Prof. Anuruddhi Edirisinghe, Dr. Thusita Wicramasinghe and Dr. Deepa Gunasekara organized the symposium.

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