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Hindu Students’ Society of Ragama Medical Faculty has celebrated the Thai Pongal Festival

Thai Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated by Hindus. It is a celebration to thank the Sun and Mother Nature that help to contribute to a bountiful harvest. The festival symbolises gratitude, prosperity and the spirit of togetherness and holds immense cultural significance, symbolizing gratitude for a bountiful harvest and fostering unity among diverse communities.
Hindu Students’ Society of Ragama Medical Faculty has celebrated the Thai Pongal Festival on February 4th 2024.
                                Date : 04.02.2024
                                Time : 8.00 a.m
                                Venue : Main Examination Hall
Last year, our Thai Pongal celebration took place on a modest scale within the hostel premises, reflecting a small gathering of individuals interested in commemorating this cultural event. Notably, this occurred before the establishment of our Hindu Students Society.
In contrast to the previous year, this year the Thai Pongal celebration was conducted on a much larger scale. Our society has played a pivotal role in bringing together individuals interested in Hindu culture and traditions, fostering a sense of community within our medical faculty.
The festivities included traditional rituals such as the preparation of Pongal. First, we had the traditional games and then cultural performances. Kolam competition and lemon and spoon were organized by our society under traditional games. We managed to balance all the participants without hurting anyone. The games were conducted among other religious students especially the Kolam competition. Five students from the 32nd batch came with a creative idea and won the first place in the competition.
Cultural performances showcased traditional dances such as classical dance, folk dance and village dance etc. and music events such as duet song and group song, added vibrancy to the celebration. The diverse participation reflected the inclusive nature of the event, bringing together students from various religions.
Dean of the faculty has been invited as chief guest. Professors and Lecturers from our faculty were invited as special guests. Students from other religions gave beauty to the event as participating in the events such a dances and traditional games.
Primary aim of the event is to build bridges of understanding and cooperation among students from different religious beliefs, turning the celebration into a symbol of religious harmony.
Ragama Medical Faculty, despite having a limited number of Hindu students, demonstrated exceptional religious harmony. The active participation and support of students from different religious beliefs contributed to the success of the Thai Pongal celebration, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among the diverse student body.
The enhanced scale of this year's Thai Pongal celebration, attributed to the formation of our Hindu Students Society, not only showcases the positive impact of cultural societies but also highlights the exceptional religious harmony within our faculty. The collaborative effort of students from various religious backgrounds added a unique dimension to our celebration, making it a standout and enriching experience. This harmony sets our faculty apart, emphasizing the benefits of unity in diversity, which stands as a valuable example when compared with other faculties.

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