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Change a life in 5 minutes – Short Film Competition for Future Clinicians
විනාඩි 5 න් ජීවිතයක් වෙනස් කරමු!

Students are selected to study medicine after a highly competitive examination. The faculty of Medicine of the University of Kelaniya is blessed with multi-talented young Sri Lankan men and women seeking a career in medicine. Only the most academically brilliant and emotionally resilient students can easily withstand this gruelling course of five years duration. Understandably, undergraduate medical education could be cognitively and physically demanding to young university students and induce emotional stress. However, it is seen frequently that university students lack essentials emotional awareness skills, coping skills, and problem-solving techniques that would help in optimal stress management. Apart from the theoretical and clinical learning in their core subjects, it is important to learn emotional regulation and psychological stress management to be effective learners and empathetic future doctors and clinicians. Otherwise, their maladaptive ways of coping will persist into their work-life in their medical career.
The project aimed to improve emotional awareness, psychological mindedness, and coping skills among medical students, recognise and celebrate the creativity of medical undergraduates in artistic domains, and learn to design and produce effective mental health promotion material.
Academic Guidance was provided by Dr Miyuru Chandradasa - Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Professor Nirmala Perera - Consultant Judicial Medical Officer, Dr Shobhavi Randeny - Consultant Paediatrician, Dr Lathika Athauda - Public Health Expert, and Dr Manuja Perera - Consultant Community Physician. The student Coordinators were Amila Wijethilake and Minura Laksith.
The third place was won by the short film විඩාව, produced by Amila Wijethilake and others of the 29th batch. The second place was won by පඩිපෙළ, a short film created by Nethra, Thisara, Dulshan and others of the 12th batch of the Speech and Hearing Sciences course. The first place was awarded to the short film ව්‍යාකූල by Ayeshan, Theekshana, Pasindu and others of the 30th batch.

The winning short films

First place - ව්‍යාකුල

Second place - පඩි පෙළ

Third place - විඩාව

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