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Inaugural donation to ‘REVIVE Liver Fund’ – an impressive act of leadership by University Students


‘REVIVE Liver Fund’ is a charity set-up by Colombo North Centre for Liver Diseases (CNCLD) with broad goals. It is aimed at expanding operating theatres, ICU facilities, setting up a training and research space in liver disease and to support patients following liver transplantation. The funds raised from this charity will help in meeting the rising clinical needs, saving many children and adults as well as helping the advancement of liver transplantation in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Akhila Nilaweera and Mr. Mohammed Nazik, two Final Year medical students of the faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo facilitated the donation of 3 million Sri Lankan (SL) rupees to ‘REVIVE liver fund’ on 18th October 2021. The background of the donation highlights the sad story behind liver transplant in the country. The two students met Baby Sonakshi, while they were doing clinical rotations. She needed an urgent liver transplant. Her family was losing hope, as they could not meet the massive sum of money needed to take her to India. Akila and Nazik stepped up to the task. They set up a social media campaign and raised 4 million rupees with the help of generous donors across the world. Unfortunately, the child died while awaiting the liver transplant. Akila and Nazik had the social responsibility to use the money accountably. They found another family raising funds for the same need of liver transplantation from overseas and helped them to complete their deficit by donating 1 million SL rupees.

Subsequently, these two enthusiastic final year medical students explored the possibility of donating the rest of the money for a noble task where they were enlightened about the ‘REVIVE liver fund’. This made them to facilitate the inaugural donation of 3 million Sri Lankan rupees to the above fund for the greater good of Sri Lankans.

This inaugural donation to ‘REVIVE liver fund’ took place on 18th October 2021 in the presence of Professor Vajira Dissanayake (Dean – Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo), Professor Janaki Hewavisenthi (Dean – Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya), Professor Shaman Rajindrajith (Professor of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo), the CNCLD team, heads of the respective departments, Mr Akhila Nilaweera, Mr Mohommed Nazik and parents of baby Sonakshi at the faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya.

This donation highlighted the capacity and leadership qualities of university students and the collaboration between two state Universities to support a benevolent task which would benefit generations to come.

The online payment gateway of ‘REVIVE liver fund’ is now open for public donations.

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