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 Automated Covid-19 Self Assessment Application


This web-based application was designed to help COVID positive patients to take an informed decision whether they (a) can stay at home, (b) need to talk to a doctor or need to get admitted to a hospital.
The number of Covid+ patients are increasing rapidly, and the number of beds available for COVID patients are decreasing. In addition, health care workers are contracting the infection. All these factors are contributing to tax the health system to its full capacity. The current call lines available to patients are busy and chances of contacting are limited.
Therefore, when a patient becomes COVID positive, they have limited options to find out what they should do.
To provide solutions to the above mentioned problems, we used information and communication technology techniques that do not require a doctor, physically.
The content for the application was taken from current guidelines from the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians, Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists and Primary Care Physicians of Sri Lanka.
A group of experts from university of Kelaniya, Ministry of Health, Wayamba university and private sector worked together to make this application a reality. (Further details can be obtained from “about us” tab in the application).
The tech experts have taken all necessary steps to ensure that the data obtained from patients are secured.
Once a patient enters the national identity card number and the mobile phone number to the system, they can mark the current symptoms they have, and they can check actions they have to take.
Furthermore, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions these people will have during their home stay and the numbers they must call when they need to admit and get a doctor’s help.

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