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Children with Disabilities

Hope for a future,
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About Ayati

Every Child has the same rights
- We support them to get to them


Guidelines for COVID


Face to face appointments – Requests will be triaged by the clinical team to identify the urgent needs of families.

The live appointments undergo triple screening for COVID i.e. at booking, the day before, and at the gate with questionnaires

Tele-health services are provided on a roster and for regular clients via several web based and social media platforms

Please call: 0115960050 for any further inquiries

The Hope

Ayati is a state of the art center for children with disabilities and their families providing expertise in health and education through scientific and latest modalities of intervention to enable children to reach their best potential and to contribute positively to society. It is with this understanding that Ayati (meaning ‘Hope’ in Sanskrit) was set up to help significantly improve their quality of life and independence, and provide them with the opportunity to develop and blossom.


Ayati’s Vision

To Become A Centre of Excellence, Enabling Children with Disabilities to Reach Their Unique Potential.

Ayati’s Mission

Ensuring Equal Access to Education, Healthcare, Social Participation and Future Employment for Children with Disabilities in Sri Lanka.

Ayati’s Core Values

  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Humility and Respect
  • Compassion
  • Equality


Ayati Centre

Ayati is a unique collaborative partnership of the Public and the Private Sector. It is a testimony to a successful venture when planned effectively. Ayati Center is managed by the Ayati Trust. Medical and technical expertise are provided by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya and the Ministry of Health. The centre aims to support children with disabilities to forge ahead.

The Private sector, namely Hemas Holdings and MAS Holdings with other participants such as Roshan Wijerama Foundation, funded the construction of the center tailor made to suit the needs of the future activities lined up. Kumar Sangakkara and Roshan Mahanama are trustees facilitating the fund raising activity. The Sri Lanka Army shouldered the construction and were able to complete the project in record timing.

  1. Ayati will lead in providing diagnostics and interventions, for children and families
  2. Ayati will be  the Center of excellence in training undergraduate, post graduate and all other categories of multi- disciplinary clinicians from all specialties, working on this space
  3. Ayati will be the  hub for research and innovation
  4.  Ayati will strive to build inclusive communities for children and families through life course approach in all services

Our Services


We provide family centered evidence based multi-disciplinary services to bring about the best in your child and to support families.


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Ayati’, country’s first national centre for children with disabilities vested with public

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