Skill Development Programme

Skill Development programme is designed for the Students & Academic and non - Academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine.

Student Activities

Cultural Centre is open for the Students, Academic and non- academic staff at the above time for Cultural - activities and Practice as groups or individuals.


The Cultural Centre located at the premises of the Faculty Of Medicine University of Kelaniya was declared Open by The Secretary, the Ministry of Culture and ...

Vocal Music

  1. Voice training
  2. Fork Music
  3. Drama Song ( Kolam , nadagam, Nurrthi, Modern )
  4. Sinhala, Hindi and English song
  5. Stage Performing


  1. Introduction to the Guitar
  2. Basic Taconicfor Guitar
  3. Basic Exercises
  4. Basic Scales and Chords
  5. Strumming
  6. Playing the Melody
  7. Stage Performing



  1. Playing Posture of Violin
  2. Introduction to the finger board on Violin
  3. Introduction and Using to the bow Styles
  4. Exercise for proper E- String Posture
  5. Exercise for Changing String

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Piano and Keyboard

  1. Introduction to the keyboard on piano
  2. Introduction to the Scales, Chords and Arpeggios (Major/Minor)
  3. Cords inversion
  4. Basic Exercise for finger
  5. Notation Oriental and Western
  6. Note valves

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Modern Dance

  1. Introduction to physical exercises related to dancing
  2. Basic steps and techniques of different dancing styles
  3. Training sessions
  4. Introduction to Choreography
  5. Group performances



  1. History Of Photography
  2. Main Parts of the Camera
  3. Using the Camera
  4. Lens
  5. Introduction to the Digital photography
  6. Differences to the Manual  and Digital camera

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