Physio-Therapy- Gross motor- Gait analysis- Learning through dancing


At Ayati we aim to achieve the best motor ability for each child through fun and engaging interventions.

Gross motor

A variety of objective motor assessments are conducted at the physiotherapy unit. These may predict the later gross motor abilities of children.


Standardized, norm-referenced assessments:

  • Early infancy: General Movement Assessment (GMA)
  • Later infancy: Hammersmith infant Neurological Evaluation (HINE)
  • For children with cerebral palsy: Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM)
  • Motor skills assessments: Alberta Infant Motor Skills (AIMS)

Gait analysis

For children with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions video based gait analysis is conducted and are referred for necessary interventions such as physiotherapy programmes, orthotic treatment together with botulinum toxin.

Gait or the walking pattern is complex to analyze visually. Therefore, in the Gait Lab we capture gait in sagittal and coronal planes using 2 video cameras and analyze gait using movement analysis software which allows us to identify pathologies and compensatory adjustments related to the gait.  This will enable us to recommend specific and appropriate therapy, orthoses, surgery, and other methods of treatment. We use the Edinburg Visual gait analysis system to measure outcomes and plan or modify interventions. Promoting or restoring ambulation with or without  orthotic or assistive devices such as walkers and crutches is another goal of our gait lab.


Specified assessments are carried out in different contexts based on the conditions. Evidence based interventions and outcome measurements are maintained for successful management.

Learning through dancing

We have group sessions for dancing conducted by a qualified dancer and physiotherapists to encourage learning through movement and rhythm.


Botulinum Toxin Administration

Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant and at Ayati we use it for children with Cerebral Palsy in order to improve their muscle activity. When a child with Cerebral Palsy is prescribed for Botox administration the Ayati Team collaborates with the Colombo North Teaching Hospital Paediatric Professorial Unitat the Colombo North Teaching Hospital to arrange the procedure. This facility is offered free of charge. Pre and Post Botox assessment are included in the Botox procedure. You will be taken through an intensive fun activity plan post Botulinum toxin.


Botox administration points to note:

  1. Please inform your Paediatrician if your child has allergies.
  2. Your child needs admission to the Ward 23, North Colombo Teaching Hospital to obtain the necessary number of vials of Botox.
  3. The physiotherapy team will do pre injection assessment.
  4. On the day of the administration of Botox you need to present  to the hospital after a light diet at 6 am. Your child needs to be fasting for a minimum of 3 hours as we will sedate him for the procedure. The ward staff will insert a cannula for intravenous injections when your child is admitted to the ward.
  5. The Botox injections are administered through ultra sound guidance by Dr. Shirom Siriwardena, Consultant Radiologist, with the guidance of the Consultant Paediatrician Specialized in Child Disabilities. This inward procedure takes only 15-30 minutes. Child’s vital parameters will be monitored through out the procedure.
  6. Your child will be kept under observation for several hours and will be discharged the same day.
  7. Your child needs to return to Ayati the following day for post Botox intervention training and we will give a schedule for his/ her reassessments and we will assess any needs for casting. We will also refer you to a qualified prosthetic and orthotic specialist for ankle foot orthoses or others.


Our professionals are passionate and committed to excellence in clinical care and are driven by evidence-based practices.


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