Speech and Language Therapy- Ayati Centre- Services We Offer

Speech and language therapy services are offered for all age groups as individual or group sessions by our qualified and passionate staff.

Please speak to the reception to allocate an appointment. We will first conduct an assessment to evaluate your language skills and allocate you into a suitable group to match your skills and needs.

Social Communication Group

Social communication group targets children, adolescents, and adults who need to develop their social communication skills to enable them to harness friendships and function meaningfully in the society. During these sessions apart from communication, we aim to enhance other cognitive skills such as organizing, sequencing, and problem-solving.

For the adults and adolescents, the main aim of this group is to assist them to develop communication and cognitive skills as a gateway for supported employment. Adolescents who are or above 15 years and with some language skills are eligible for the groups. We will include children using AACs also these groups to ensure diversity.

The group will be conducted by speech and language therapists. Currently, the groups are conducted as telehealth sessions via zoom using Powerpoint presentations, video clips, role play tasks and etc. However, in-person sessions will be started once the pandemic situation will be improved.

Dates and times

  • Tuesday  –
  • Friday -3.00pm to 4.00 pm

Clients will be given simple home base activities in each and every session and families of the clients are encouraged to practice those activities at home.




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