Early intervention

During the first few years more than 1 million new synapses form in every second and then reduced through a normal physiological process called pruning thus enabling better adaptation of the brain to the environment.

Prioritization of the three core concepts of Early Intervention is done highlighting “Serve and Return” interactions.

A child with birth complications but with a stimulating home environment and sensitive parents will have better neurodevelopmental outcomes. We encourage Goal Oriented functional approaches using Play based interventions to induce early motor, cognitive and language learning via continuous use of best available evidence.

We start by providing better understanding about the health condition to empower parents and caregivers, thus their concern about the infant/child comes first. We encourage parents with the importance of play and early stimulation in an enriched environment using everyday activities to promote child development.

Multidisciplinary team approach is available according to the needs of the family and the child. You can always question your health care provider on the treatment to ensure you are receiving the best evidence based care.


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