Inaugural Carlo Fonseka Memorial Lecture 2021

Professor Carlo Fonseka (1933 – 2019) was our founder Dean and Professor of Physiology.

In 1991, he took on the huge challenge of establishing a new Faculty of Medicine for the University of Kelaniya from the remnants of the North Colombo Medical College, which had been vested in the state after a prolonged period of civil unrest. He faced the challenge with wisdom and foresight. Before he retired in 1997, he laid a firm foundation that enabled the Faculty to grow and develop along unique lines...
Senior Professor Nilanthi de Silva,
Vice Chancellor,
University of Kelaniya

“Cogito, ergo sum.”

A famous statement made by a French philosopher, René Descartes. Simply translated it means “I think, therefore I am”, a basic fundamental concept in life.
Perhaps by now you would wonder what the connection is between me, our faculty and Descartes. It was Prof Carlo Fonseka!
This concept, I learned during one of his lectures in physiology. That was his style of teaching and it always worked. He did not merely teach a subject, he opened our minds to a whole new world. Blessings come in many ways in our lives...

Dr Harsha Jayamanne (MBBS, MRCS, FRCS)
Newport, Wales,
United Kingdom

It's difficult to believe that two whole years have passed since the passing of Emeritus Professor Carlo Fonseka.

For, even though we seldom came into direct contact with him, from the moment that we entered the Ragama medical faculty as first year students, the shadow of his presence was a constant in our lives.
We may not have learned from him, sitting in a lecture hall with him presiding over the podium, yet, from the faculty that he helped grow, and the teachers who learned from him and followed in his footsteps...
Dr Udara Punnami Amarasinghe

Carlo Fonseka Orator

Professor Janaka de Silva is Senior Professor and Chair of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, and Consultant Physician, Colombo North Teaching Hospital. He was formerly Dean of Medicine, University of Kelaniya...
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