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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Kelaniya is now celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021. The Faculty was established in 1991 and has advanced to be one of the leading medical faculties in Sri Lanka. Its inception was brought about by the affiliation of The North Colombo Medical College to the University of Kelaniya as the Faculty of Medicine in 1991. Professor Carlo Fonseka was the founder dean of the faculty. At the inception, there were 120 students studying and that number has increased to more than one thousand students at present and contributed most precious thousands of doctors to the country and world. Up to now , the Faculty of Medicine, Ragama which has had 6 deans and the latest intake of 32 MBBS and 12 SHS Batches.The current dean of our faculty is Prof. Janaki Hewavisenthi.

The faculty is situated on a spacious 35 acre campus at the corner of Thalagolla Road, Ragama. Surrounded with trees and nature, the faculty provides the students with a peaceful environment. The faculty also has a well maintained botanical garden with rare species of plants and a lot of animals and birds.

“ Science fuels the brain, but music, art and culture nutures the soul of a man to be complete’’ In aligning with this, the faculty has ensured that the students of our faculty is well balanced. That is why we host many cultural programs varying from Bhakthi Geetha, Christmas Carols, Talent shows and Avrudu Festivals. This allows our students to showcase their talent for other extracurricular activities.

The Green society, The Art Society, Academic Circle, The Sport Society, MedKel Beyond Boundaries, The Photographic Society and the Medical Faculty Students unionand our religious societies including the Buddhist Society, The Catholic StudentsUnion and Muslim Majilis are the societies of the faculty which involves students in various activities. ‘ Strength lies in Difference, not in similarities’. The faculty has maintained a peaceful multicultural environment among students uniting them as one.

The Faculty now has sixteen academic departments, as well as several many smaller units and centers. In keeping with the need to expand and improve allied health services in the country,. The course of Bachelor of Science in Speech & Hearing Sciences established in 2007. The first batch of 35 students for this degree programwas admitted in August 2008 and they graduated in January 2013. Up to now the intake of 12 batches of speech and hearing sciences has occurred.

The Faculty established a Disability Studies Unit in 1993. In collaboration with the Institute of Child Health of the University of London, the Disability Studies Unit conducted a 2-year diploma course in Speech and Language Therapy for 7 batches of students over the period 1998 –2007.

The Molecular Medicine Unit was established in 2003 with the aims of improving molecular diagnostic facilities for infectious diseases and providing DNA 'finger-printing'.We are also equipped with a thalassemia unit, clinical trial unit, gastroenterology clinical laboratory, hepato-pancreatico-biliary (HPB) and liver transplant unit and a centre for tropical medicine and international health.

Many of the departments have academic links with foreign universities. Over its relatively short period of existence, the faculty has produced a large volume of research publications. Several staff members have been awarded prestigious prizes for research papers presented at national and international scientific fora and Presidential Research Awards.We are also proud to accommodate many foreign students from international countries like Bhutanand other South Asian countries. They add to our cultural difference and helped the students grow as one.

The faculty also offers external degrees in occupational therapy and physiotherapy, higher diplomas in crime investigation and postgraduate degrees as well.

The Colombo North Teaching Hospital, which is one of the busiest tertiary referral centres in the country, is the main teaching hospital. University clinical departments havewards in this hospital. Other allied teaching hospitals include, the Ragama Rehabilitation Hospital, Welisara Chest Hospital and Base Hospitals in Negombo and Gampaha.

The Faculty provides hostel facilities for most of its students. It also has an open air theatre, a sports ground, a multi-purpose court and a gymnasium.

The students are also provided with many facilities such as anIT lab, upto-date medical library,lab facilities,free Wi-Fi facilities with an online E-learning platform ,canteens ,studyareas, tutorial rooms and common rooms. This allows the students to study and manage their academicsat ease.

We celebrate the 30thanniversary of Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya with great pride, along with our student body as well the staffof the faculty.

The faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, aims to produce a medical graduate who has;
knowledge and understanding of health and disease and knowledge of prevention and management of the latter, in the context of the individual as a whole,in his or her place in the family and the community.
The skills to communicate effectively, make informed decisions and develop appropriate professional relationships.
The necessary attitudes which enable him or her to be aware of the responsibilities of a doctor and in particular to have a commitment to high standards of professionalism.
The knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to deliver Primary Health Care

The Faculty aspires to be an internationally recognized institution of higher education in a culture of excellence and integrity that helps to generate and impart knowledge in the medical sciences

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