Involvement of the BSc Speech and Hearing Sciences at the Annual Health Camp

The annual health camp was organized in collaboration with the 26th batch (MBBS) and 6th batch (SHS) students. This year the venue was a remote village in Matale- Hathtota Amauna Maha Vidyalaya. Public transport to this village was minimal.

The health camp was held on the 11th of June 2016 (Sunday) and prior to which certain preparation was conducted. A number of students visited the school the previous evening to clear the rooms and fix posters which were brought to the school ahead of the health camp. The staff of the Department of Disability Studies, senior batches of the BSc (Hons) Speech and Hearing Sciences programme helped us to coordinate this event and supported us immensely.

Our main objective of having a stall for speech and language therapy at the health camp was to, raise awareness among the villages and to offer our services to them, which we believe we were successful in. As many in the selected area, were not about the scope of speech and language therapy, we managed to make this a good opportunity to reach out and offer our services. We had two separate sections, one in which we raised awareness about different conditions such as dysphagia, dysfluency, speech and language disorders etc and in the other section, a clinic was conducted to do screening assessments to identify communication difficulties in children and adults. 

This was yet another learning experience, which we all enjoyed. We would like to thank our department and all our lecturers who helped us and who gave us the opportunity. We would also like to thank the demonstrators and all other batches that helped us to make this endeavor a success. 

(By Batch 06 students, BSc (Hons) Speech and Hearing Sciences)


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