Donation for the Audiology Clinic

The audiology clinic of the Department of Disability Studies received a donation of two clinical audiometers, 150 digital hearing aids, and hearing aid accessories from Ear-Lanka Foundation, Netherlands on 15 March 2018 and 8 November 2018. The donation was made with the objective of enhancing clinical services provided by the University audiology clinic to patients with hearing impairment who are having financial difficulties in obtaining timely rehabilitation and bringing the local hearing care system to an eminent level.

 Ear Lanka foundation is a private charitable foundation with a network in the hearing aid industry in Holland.  Dr. Robert Van der Hulst, an ENT surgeon in Amsterdam, chairman of the foundation along with his wife, Mrs. Henriette M. Warendorf, a speech therapist in Amsterdam delivered the donation.

As the University audiology clinic functions as a teaching-learning facility for students following BSc Speech and Hearing Sciences specializing in audiology, this donation also provides an opportunity for students to enhance their practical skills in audiometry and hearing aids. 


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