Undergraduate Teaching

  • The department of pathology conducts lectures, practicals and tutorial classes for the 3rd and 4th year medical undergraduates.
  • There is pathology teaching contribution in all modules during this period of two years.
  • Department also conduct lectures to the first year students of the Department of Disability Studies.
Student selected component in cytopathology

The department carries outs a 2 week short course in cytopathology for the medical students in phase 2 following successful completion of their unit examinations. The department accommodates a maximum of 5 students each year for this. The intended learning outcome are to appreciate the importance of cytopathology as a diagnostic tool including its advantages and limitations, to observe various techniques used in cytopathology and to understand a cytopathology report and how it affects the management of patients.

The resource persons will be Prof. Janaki Hewavisenthi, Dr Sujeewa Rathnayake, Dr Gayana Mahendra and Dr. Saumya Liyanage. The students have to produce a portfolio and will be facing a viva voce at the end of two weeks following which they will be awarded a certificate of successful completion of the course.

Introductory Module posters


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