North Colombo HPB and liver unit was formally established on 16th February 2012 . The unit is attached to Faculty of Medicine,Ragama and the North Colombo Teaching Hospital (NCTH). Members from different departments in both institutions work as members of NCHPB and LT unit.

NCTH is a hospital with over 1000 bed capacity. The hospital is rapidly developing. Professorial Medical Unit of NCTH is under the leadership of Prof H J de Silva, and it is this countries' pioneering and leading training center for medical gastroenterologists. It is renowned for the management of patients with liver disease. Patients from all parts of the country are referred to the unit. It has the countries largest database in patients with cirrhosis. Academically the department has contributed widely to research in the field of hepatology.

Department of Surgery under the leadership of Prof K I Deen, and has become the leading center for gastroenterological surgery. It has been known long for its achievements in colorectal surgery. Hepatobiliary surgery has moved fast in the department and leading the way in the country. Currently the team has performed over 50 complex liver resections, over 50 Whipple's procedures, 14 liver transplants including the first ever living donor liver transplant in the country. Currently, the unit is equipped with all the state of the art equipment.

Department of Pathology under the leadership of Prof Janaki Hevavisanthi plays a key role. For a long time Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine,Ragama is considered the leading center for histopathological diagnosis of gastro enterological diseases in the country. Departments of Radiology and Microbiology in NCTH, Ragama also plays a key supporting roles.

Establishment of the NCHPB and LT unit has brought all the departments to work under common goal, to improve the HPB and LT services in the country. On 16th February 2012, the unit opened its premises at Faculty of Medicine,Ragama. At the moment it is used to run the HPB and LT clinics. Multi disciplinary meetings are held in the same premises. Unit maintains the largest database in the country for patients with hepatoma and pre and post transplant patients.

Serviced provided in the unit

  • Liver transplantation (Work up, follow up pre- and post transplant)
  • Follow - up of cirrhotics (likely to be candidates for transplant)
  • Management of hepatoma
  • Management of other complex medical and surgical problems related to liver
  • Diseases of the bile ducts – (cholangiocarcinoma, choledocal cysts, CBD stones)
  • Pancreatic surgery
  • Chronic pancreatitis


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