Does your project require ethical approval?

The following types of research require review and approval by an ERC prior to commencing of the research:

  • Research involving human subjects or use of human biological material
  • Research involving secondary use of data such as health records, employee records, student records, computer listings, banked tissue - if any form of identifier is involved and/or if private information pertaining to individuals is involved. 
  • Research involving animal subjects. (Primary objective of the ERC, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya is the protection of humans participating in biomedical research. ERC is limited in capacity to review animal studies and therefore recommend submitting your proposal to an ethics review committee that review animal studies)

However Proposals that fulfill any of the following conditions are exempted from review.

  • Does not involve collection or use of individual level data or community level data that are on sensitive topics.
  • All data to be used are in the public domain.
  • Audit projects carried out using existing data.


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