Department conducts lectures and Small Group Discussions under Behavioral Science Strand during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of undergraduate training.


Lectures are uploaded to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and face to face lecture time gives students the opportunity to clarify their problems.

Clinical appointment

The Family medicine appointment in the fourth year has three components:

  1. Training at family medicine clinic
  2. Visits to general practice clinics on Saturdays
  3. Visit to outpatient department at CNTH

During the outpatient department (OPD) visit each student is allocated to follow a patient from the time they enter the OPD till they leave. This ensures that students will gain experience regarding patient registration, waiting time, consultation process and process of care provided at the OPD.

During the general practice visits they have to collect demographic and morbidity data about three consecutive patients each. Collected data will be presented by the students at the end of the appointment.

The debate held at the end of the appointment is a dynamic learning experience for the students. They conduct a debate on a topic related to family medicine. A few students will be the judges of the event and after the winning team is announced, the academic staff will give their comments about the event.

Students will be assessed by the end appointment examination and the marks will be carried to the unit 5 main examination.

Making of educational videos with the aid of the audio visual unit in the faculty to teach undergraduates

  • Introduction
  • principles of Family Medicine
  • Clinical Method in Family practice
  • Life style Modifications
  • Medical records
  • Consultations
  • Patient management in Family Practice
  • Family life cycle and dynamics
  • Care of the elderly
  • Referrals and medical certificates
  • Communication Skills
  • Breaking bad news

Small group discussion  –  Common health beliefs and the experience of illness in the community

Recommended Reading

Lecture notes in Family Medicine. Nandani de Silva 2000 Oxford hand book of general practice

Reference Books

A textbook of Family Medicine by Ian R McWhinney General Practice. John Murtagh. Forth Edition, McGraw Hill, Sydney


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