• Training center approved by Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, university of Colombo for:
    • Diploma in Family Medicine
    • MD Family Medicine
  • Train foreign MD trainees in Family Medicine

The trainees for both diploma in Family Medicine (DFM) and MD in family medicine gain clinical exposure by practicing at the university family medical center.

Different methods of teaching are used in the training of DFM and MD family medicine trainees.

There will be case scenarios for the DFM trainees, where the administrative staff, demonstrators or even lecturers will act as patients and one of the trainees will be the consulting doctor. Within the given 10 minutes the doctor has to diagnose the condition and give the relevant management plan. Both the subject knowledge and the communication skills of the trainees will be assessed in this exercise.

There will be a one hour clinical discussion for each DFM trainee group after their training session at the clinic.

  • Foreign trainees

The foreign trainees are exposed to the consultation procedures at the clinic and the clinical discussions. The lecturers or the consulting doctors help with the language. During their training, they are expected to do at least two clinical presentations from the patients they have seen ion the clinic or their in-ward rotations.


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