Family Medicine elective programme for medical students and pre medical students
The Department of Family Medicine conducts an elective programme for medical students and pre medical students to observe the clinical work and managerial aspects of the family medicine clinic.
It is a good way for local and foreign students to share experiences and learn from each other.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide medical and premedical students the opportunity to observe and experience general practice clinical work in a Sri Lankan setting.
  • To give some exposure to the practice management aspects of running the clinic and laboratory.
  • To allow for sharing of experiences among local and foreign students
Teaching learning activities of the programme

  • Observation of general practitioners conducting consultations
  • Observation of clinical procedures
  • Observation and participation in the teaching activities such as small group discussion, journal clubs
  • Scholarly activities such as research

Duration of the family medicine appointment

Minimum - One week
Maximum - Eight weeks

Medical students wanting to have an elective experience in family medicine should apply
through the already existing pathway
Pre med students will apply using this application form


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