University Family Medicine Center (UFMC) is managed by the family medicine department. It is located in the ground floor of the E6 building in-front of the faculty and held in each weekday except public holidays. Patients are registered from to in the electronic medical record database which was tailor made for our clinic needs using an open source program (Open EMR).

Consultations are started 8.30 a.m. onwards. There will be three general practitioners for consultations. The electronic medical record has improved the quality of care provided to the patients and a patient portal will be opened in the near future. This will allow our patients to have secured access to their health records even from their smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Well woman clinic, infrared light treatment for joint pains, psychological counselling and diabetic retinopathy screening using a slit lamp are some services provided at the UFMC.

In addition, patients are given some medications when samples are available in the clinic free of charge.

Our aim is to become a paper free clinic which provide quality and efficient care to our population.

In January 2019, with the guidance of Professor Kumara Mendis, the beneficiaries of the clinic formed a committee with 11 members. The aim of this is to increase the patient and participant involvement in the decisions taken for the betterment of the UFMC.

A special allergy clinic is currently functioning on Tuesdays by Dr. Nadisha Badanasinghe. Patients are seen on an appointment basis. Skin prick testing and treatment for various hypersensitivity conditions are done.

For appointments and further details please contact the UFMC - 0112961201


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