Liver is the largest internal organ which plays an important role in storing of vitamins and minerals , detoxification , temperature regulation , synthesizing plasma proteins and maintaining internal environment in an optimum level.

  • About Liver Transplant - For those people with advanced liver diseases like cirrhosis in which the medications are of little use, the best surgical treatment is liver transplantation. A liver for a transplantation can be obtained either from a brain dead patient with his/her family consent or from a live donor with consent. Only a part of the liver is taken from a live donor. In both situations the blood group of the donor and the recipient should be the same and the approximate body size of them should be same.
  • About hepatoma -Hepatoma is the commonest primary liver tumour. In Sri Lanka incidence of hepatoma is rising. Over the last three years close to 300 patients with hepatoma are referred to north Colombo liver center. Worldwide hepatitis B and C are the commonest causes. However in Sri Lanka fatty liver related liver disease are the commonest causes.Most types of Hepatomas are slow growing tumours. Distant metastases are not common like other cancers. In Sri Lankans diffuse variant of hepatomas are common and this variety spreads faster than other types.The best form of treatment is Surgery. Liver transplant gives best results but all tumours are not suitable for transplantation. Surgical resection gives chance for cure in suitable patients. Ablation either with radiofrequency or alcohol injection are other treatment options. Some times for smaller tumours ablation gives almost similar results to surgery.Larger majority of patients undergo trans arterial treatment. It's a form of treatment that slows disease progression. Sorafinib is a newer form of medical treatment that may be used when other options cannot be offered.
  • Liver metastasis from other primary sites-Liver is a common site for metastasis from other cancers. The commonest primary site for liver metastasis is larger intestine. Apart from this any other primary from gastro intestinal system can spread to liver. Breast cancer is another common primary cancer that spreads to liver.Of all the secondary deposits colon metastasis gives good results after surgical resection. 50-60 % of the patients can be cured after successful resection. Selected patients with metastasis from other primary sites are currently considered for surgical resection with chance of giving them long term survival
  • Benign diseases of liver – Benign diseases are common incidental findings. Many benign lesions are detected in ultrasound scans when performed to investigate for other causes. Commonest benign lesions are haemangiomas and simple cysts. These lesions like haemangiomas, simple cysts and focal nodular hyperplacia do not need active treatment unless they are symptomatic. They do not carry a malignant potential. Other lesions like hepatic adenomas are offered resection depending on the size of the lesion.Most of the lesions can be diagnosed from CT or a MRI scan. However some of the lesions do not have typical radiological features to diagnose them. This becomes an issue and some may require liver biopsy and even resection for the purpose of diagnosis.
  • Fatty liver –Fatty liver is the commonest liver parenchymal disease. In Sri Lanka it has become a rising problem.
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