English Language Unit of the Faculty of Medicine caters to all language needs of the undergraduates of the Faculty. The Unit aims at learner-centered language teaching pushing the boundaries of traditional teacher centered language learning). The uniqueness of the Unit lies in the fact that it always goes the extra mile to ensure that its services are well delivered.

Being the language hub of the Faculty, the Unit offers an array of courses: ESP, EAP, and EGP to address the precise language requirements of all undergraduates. Also, it provides the smaller audience of foreign students with a Foundation Course in Spoken Sinhala.

The Unit was established in 2001 when an English course was first designed to prepare and train students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya to handle the undergraduate medical course and to make them proficient in all four English language skills, with prominent emphasis on communicative skills required for them to become leading professionals in future. The first Head of the English Language Unit was Professor Sujatha Salgado, Cadre Chair and Professor of Anatomy. Today, the Unit functions under the lead of Professor Janaki Hewavisenthi, Cadre Chair and Professor of Pathology. The staff of the Unit consists of two temporary lecturers in English.


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