Academics of the Department of Forensic Medicine present Research findings at IAFS 2017 Conference, Toronto Canada.

21st Triennial meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) considered as the  world biggest forensic event, offering a forum for discussion of interdisciplinary research on forensic  was held in, Toronto, Canada on 20th - 25th August 2017. A team from the Faculty of Medicine participated this event on travel awards received from conference organizers. The team consist of   Prof. Anuruddhi Edirisinghe, Prof. Indira Kitulwatte of the Department of Forensic medicine, Ms Bhagya de Silva (ME|2011|028) 4th year medical student and Mr. Dilina Sandaru Jayarathne (ME/2013/056) 3rd year medical student. Further Dr. Undara Senarathne, an alumni of the faculty of medicine and a research associate of the Prof Edirisinghe and Kitulwatta also received a travel award. Dr. Anusha Edirisinghe, from the Department of Sociology, of University of Kelaniya too participated the conference. 14 research papers were presented at the conference based on research carried out by the academics. Topics varied from unnatural female deaths, female homicide, myocarditis, domestic violence, unclaimed bodies, ragging, child abuse, reporting of deaths in media etc.

Ms. Bhagya de Silva presented a paper titled ‘Effect of digital media on obtaining knowledge on sexual rights/offences: A study from Sri Lanka’ which was supervised by Prof. Anuruddhi Edirisinghe as a community medicine attachment. She is the first medical student from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya to receive a travel award to present a paper in an overseas conference. Mr. Sandaru Jayarathna a 3rd year medical student and a part-time temporary research assistant presented two papers titled ‘Reporting of Unnatural Deaths of Females in Three Newspapers - A Qualitative Study from Sri Lanka’ and ‘A Study on Female Homicides from Three Provinces in Sri Lanka’ under the supervision of Professor Anuruddhi Edirisinghe. Mr. Sandaru Jayarathne become the first 3rd year medical student in the Faculty of Medicine to receive such travel award to present a faculty research. Professor Edirisinghe is the principle investigator of the research titled ‘Unnatural female deaths of Sri Lanka’ which was funded by the UNFPA, Sri Lanka.