Prof. Shirley Wijesinghe
Sacrae Theologiae Doctor /Doctor in Theologie, S.S.L. (Rome), B.Th(Rome), Élèvetitulaire de l'Écolebiblique et archéologiquefrançaise (Jerusalem). Dip. in Philosophy(Colombo)
Department of western classical culture and Christian culture, Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya

Specialized in Biblical Exegesis, Contextual Theology, Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek.


Mr. Hasitha Pathirana
B.A. (Colombo), M.A. in Linguistics (Kelaniya), M.A. in Conflict Resolution (Colombo)
Senior Lecturer (Grade II) 
Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya. 

Specialized in English Language Teaching

Mr_Indika Mr. Indika Perera
M.A. (York) U.K.
Attorney At Law

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