Fees levied as processing charges for ethical approval



Fee effective from 1st March 2018

 UoK – Undergraduate degree research components   (MBBS/BSc)


 Budget <Rs 100,000 and self funded research projects

Rs  1000

 *Budget Rs 100,000 -300,000

Rs  2000

 *Budget Rs 300,000 - 1 M

Rs  5000

 *Budget Rs 1 M -  5 M

Rs 10,000

 *Budget >Rs 5 M

Rs 20,000

 Application for establishment of database  

Rs  1000

 Reviewing Significant amendments to the already approved   studies

Rs  2500

 Industry-sponsored   intervention studies   irrespective of   affiliation of the   applicants or   studentships

 Initial Application

US$ 1000

 Annual renewal fee

US$ 500

 Reviewing Significant amendments   to the already approved studies

US$ 250

*Non refundable deposit of Rs 1000/= to be paid at submission of application and the specified fee to be paid on award of grants. Conditional ethical clearance will be given until the fee is paid.




Does your project require ethical approval?

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