Investigators seeking ethical approval should submit documents listed below in appropriate format along with the processing fees to the ERC office (Room no. A14-207, Department of Medical Education). Your request will be included in the agenda for the next available ERC meeting, provided it is received by relevant deadline and is complete.

  1.  ERC checklist
  2.  One hard copy of ERC Application form
  3.  Five (5) hard copies of complete protocol in separate files (research conducted for undergraduate degree requirement only three (3) hard copies are sufficient). The complete proposal should include Participant Information Sheet (PIS), Informed Consent Form (ICF) and data collection tools with date and version number in relevant languages.
  4.  Twenty-two (22) hard copies of single paged summary written according to ERC format
  5.  Payment receipt if applicable
  6.  Signed and dated hard copy of a short curriculum vitae (CV) of the principal investigator
  7.  Short CVs of all other investigators (Soft copy only. Preferably PDF files. DO NOT SUBMIT HARD COPIES)
  8.  A CD containing PDF files of all documents in this list except 1 and 5

Click here to download instructions on writing

Summary Protocol PIS & ICF ICF - Storage HBM

Additional documents for postgraduate degree

  • Approval letter from the relevant postgraduate institution
  • Supervisor’s letter 

Additional documents for clinical trials

  • Investigator brochure
  • Clinical record forms  
  • In case of multi-centre studies listing of overseas centre(s) and ERC/IRB approval status, if relevant, and copies of ERC/IB approval letters from other centres
  • Hard copies of principle investigators’/ coordinating PIs’ curriculum vitae
  • Product liability letter or insurance certificate
  • Patient recruitment procedures
  • Patient’s diary cards (if required in non-clinical trial proposals as well)
  • Justification for use of placebo


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