Ethics Review Committee (ERC), Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya was established in 1995 to promote research ethics among the undergraduates, postgraduate students, academics and the wider community of researchers.


The primary objective of the Ethics Review Committee (ERC), Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya is the protection of humans participating in biomedical research.  This will be achieved through efficient and effective review and monitoring processes in accordance with the Guidelines of the Forum of Ethics Review Committees in Sri Lanka (FERCSL guidelines) and other relevant national and international legislation and guidelines.


  1.       The functions of the ERC are,
      1.     To provide independent, competent and timely review and monitoring of human research projects with regard to their ethical acceptability.
      2.       To provide guidance, direction, and advice, when needed, to researchers carrying out research projects involving human subjects.
  2.       Health-related research projects conducted by students or staff of the University of Kelaniya or those involving patients of nearby hospitals and people of the local community shall be reviewed by the ERC.
  3.      Human research projects may include but are not limited to, research involving pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical radiation and imaging, surgical procedures, biological samples, medical records, as well as social and psychological investigations.
  4.      The ERC will assess projects submitted to it for review in accordance with the FERCSL and other national and international guidelines and Sri Lankan legal requirements in order to determine their ethical acceptability.

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