Career guidance unit of the University of Kelaniya is an open free resource available to all students in the University. It provides advice on career progress and development of soft skills of the students. The University has appointed career guidance counselors for each Faculty, who are able and available to provide advice to the students. Dr. Sachith Mettananda of the Department of Paediatrics is the Career Guidance Counselor for the Faculty of Medicine.

Career guidance is a new area in medical education because historically, the employment prospects of a medical graduate has been straightforward. The Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka has been able to provide employment for all the medical graduates in the country and unemployment was never a problem. However, with increasing numbers of medical graduates, there is a possibility that the Ministry of Health may not be able to absorb all the medical graduate to the public sector in the future. Thus career development has become more important than ever. Similarly, since there are many different specialities within the field of Medicine, talented medical graduates with proper guidance are able to flourish in the discipline that suits them best. The Career Guidance Unit of the University of Kelaniya and the Career Guidance Counselor of the Faculty of Medicine are able to help and advice medical undergraduates from the early stages of student life to achieve maximum potential after their graduation.

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