Our contribution to a greener faculty

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"Beauty of mother nature is the handwriting of God"

We, the 27th batch of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Ragama got a great opportunity to explore the wonder of God's masterpiece;NATURE. In other words, as a part of the Behavioural Sciences and Mental Health Strands (BSMHS) curriculum, we got a rare chance as medical students to engage in a group project to render our duty towards a greener faculty.

According to Prof.SJ de S Hewavisenthi (Professor and chair, Department of Pathology), University of Kelaniya is the first National University in Sri Lanka to adopt an environmental policy. So,all of us had this big, one hurdle ahead of us. "What are we supposed to do to make a greener university, more greener?", was the puzzling question that ran through our minds.

Our faculty is already equipped with waste disposal units, solar power panels, a compost production facility and many other environmentally friendly concepts. So, we all took our first step in the project by searching for methods to promote already existing green concepts and to fill the loopholes in them. Thus, fulfilling one of the main objectives of the project;bringing forth the creativity of our very own sisters and brother, we all came up with a handful of unique ideas for our projects without going for the conventional green projects that we come across now and then.

Gaining the most out of this novel experience,we all did lend our hands for the projects, meanwhile developing cooperative skills and unity among the group members. Some pasted stickers encouraging people to use waste disposal units while some fixed rubber bushes to library chairs as a method of maintaining silence in the library. Few other groups took measures to minimize water loss by fixing nets to sinks to stop the blockage by food particles and by providing water cups to the cafeteria for those who use tap water for drinking.

The guidance provided by Dr. C W Subasinghe (Senior lecturer, Department of Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry), the coordinator of the projects and the assistance given by Mr. WGRI Kumara (Landscaping supervisor, Faculty of Medicine, Ragama) are highly acknowledged. Our projects wouldn't have come to life without their constant support. Through the green projects, we had a once in a lifetime experience of working with our colleagues on something other than educational projects, letting us put aside the hectic schedule for a while and to enjoy the gifts of nature. We sincerely hope our efforts will be even a tiny drop in the contribution towards moulding our faculty as a greener faculty.



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