German Embassy Support for Rickettsial Lab

german emb

Supporting the University of Kelaniya, Faculty of Medicine, the Embassy has financed the purchase of a fluorescence microscope. This was in support of the universitys’ target to re-locate and re-establish their Rickettsial Disease diagnostics and research lab. This group of diseases is spread by ticks, mites, fleas and body lice. It is prelevant in both urban and rural areas and carries a high mortality. The lab has in the past supported the diagnosis and treatment of some 6,000 patients islandwide. As the lab had to be moved from one department to another for logistical reasons it was deprived of the use of valuable technical and human resourses. The Embassy is in full support of its work and hopes that the purchase of this microscope will help the University of Kelaniya to re-establish its lab capacity soon.