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An alpha numeric code is used to identify each module. The code consists of five digits prefixed by a set of four letters which refer to the type of the module. The codes of all courses in this study programme will start with MPH followed by C, P, E or D to denote core, track, elective or dissertation research, respectively, as the fourth letter.

With regard to the 5 digits of the course code, the 1st digit denotes the year of study (6 for year 1 modules and 7 for year 2 modules); the 2nd the semester in which the course will be taught; the 3rd and 4th digits together form the specific number assigned to that module for that year of study, and the 5th digit signifies the credit value.


Dr. B. Kumerendran assumed duties as a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine ,University of Jaffna from 01-01-2019

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