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Grade Point Average (GPA) is the credit weighted arithmetic mean of the Grade Point Values, which is determined by dividing the total credit-weighted Grade Point Value by the total number of credits.

For example, if the student completed one module with two credits, three modules of 3 credits each, two modules of one credit each with Grades A, C, B, D, E, and A+ respectively,(s)he would have a GPA of,

= (2x4.0) + (3x2.0)+(3x3.0)+(3x1.0)+(1x0.0)+(1x4.0)


28 = 2.15 = 2.2

GPA shall be computed to the first decimal place, based on the number of the credits for the relevant programme i.e., certificate, postgraduate diploma or MPH.


Dr. B. Kumerendran assumed duties as a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine ,University of Jaffna from 01-01-2019

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