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Each of the modules comprises a minimum of 15 hours of theoretical learning. In addition to these study hours, students are expected to carry out a minimum of 20 hours private study per module. In most cases, there is also attached practical work, such as seminars, presentations,video based learning and tutorials, relevant to a particular module. Students will have the opportunity to practice knowledge and skills gained in the theoretical components of study by visiting selected public health institutions.

As the degree leads to a professional qualification, the credit attribution for each module reflects not only the time allocated for that module, but also the development of a knowledge base, practical skills and personal/professional development. Each module is of equalimportance in terms of contributing to the overall professional competence of the Public Health Specialist.

Each module has assessments and students must pass all modules in order to qualify with a MPH. (For details about assessment and progression requirements see section 4 of this document).


Dr. B. Kumerendran assumed duties as a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine ,University of Jaffna from 01-01-2019

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