The Gastroenterology Research Laboratory of the Department of Physiology is a modern and well-equipped laboratory, located at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya. This laboratory offers gastric function assessment for both adults and children for diagnosis and follow ups. The tests are performed and results are interpreted by a specialist physiologist.

Gastric function tests, though important in the diagnosis, management, and follow-up of patients with gastro intestinal diseases and patients at risk for the development of gastro intestinal impairment ,is not routinely used due to lack of availability, expertise and cost.

This laboratory was established with the aim of fulfilling three main tasks

  • providing quality diagnostic services
  • improving teaching
  • enhancing research in the field of gastro intestinal physiology


The laboratory envisions

  • improving teaching related to gastro intestinal physiology
  • working towards increasing research output of the faculty related to gastro intestinal physiology
  • enhancing research opportunities and quality of research related to gastro intestinal physiology
  • establishing collaborations with other faculties and institutions with similar interests


This unit is a self-funded unit for its maintenance and sustenance, thereby reducing the burden on the state.


The laboratory is currently involved in:

  • Service function

    This is the only laboratory in the country with facilities to investigate gastric motility and intestinal transit using non invasive techniques. This laboratory provides services to patients referred from government and private medical institutions.

  • Research

    Research carried out in this laboratory is mainly translational and focuses on improving the quality of life of patients with gastrointestinal disorders. Current research activities of the laboratory are mainly related to gastrointestinal motor functions in health and disease, gastro-paresis and functional gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Postgraduate training

    One of the objectives of the laboratory is to provide facilities for postgraduate students reading for MPhils, MDs and PhDs in gastrointestinal physiology.

The laboratory charges a fee for the investigations provided. The maintenance and expansion of the laboratory is carried out with the funds generated by the laboratory, research grants and donations.


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