dr Deepthi

Dr Deepthi de Silva

Dr Deepthi de Silva MBChB, MRCP is a Clinical Geneticist. She studied medicine at the University of Aberdeen and after general medical and paediatrics training, she followed specialist training in Clinical Geneticist in Aberdeen, Scotland and is an accredited consultant in this field.

She has 29 peer reviewed indexed publications, three chapters and more than 240 citations of these publications.

She works as the Clinical Geneticist to the multidisciplinary cleft clinic at the Lady Ridgway hospital, Colombo. This clinic has a large case load of around 25 to 30 new cleft cases a month with cases coming from across the country. Many complex syndromic cases are referred to this clinic by members of the cleft team and other consultant colleagues.

Dr Deepthi de Silva’s main clinical interests are the orofacial malformation and other multiple congenital anomaly syndromes. She is also involved in developing cost effective genetic testing in Sri Lanka and the psychosocial impact and attitudes towards genetic diseases and their management.

Dr de Silva is currently attached to the department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya where she is a senior lecturer. She teaches and examines both undergraduate and post graduate students in physiology at the medical faculty, University of Kelaniya and at the post graduate institute of medicine, University of Kelaniya. She is an active member of the physiological society of Sri Lanka (PSSL) and has been its president in 2014. She is a vice president of the South Asian association of Physiologists (SAAP).


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