Role of research in Clinical Genetics

Clinical genetics has seen a massive amount of change with regard to knowledge that is available regarding the causes of human diseases. This information was generated by doctors and scientists researching in to the cause of diseases. Data collected previously have helped enormously in the identification of rare diseases and this would not be possible without the active cooperation of families and patients affected with genetic disease from across the world.

At present, the availability of newer molecular methods such as whole genome sequencing and the rapidly reducing cost of such testing means that more families affected with genetic disease may benefit from these investigations.

You may be asked to help with research projects in to rare genetic diseases in Sri Lanka or abroad. If this is the case, you will be given written information about the research project and you can decide on whether to be involved or not. You will be expected to sign an consent form. Please remember that you can choose not to be involved in research and if this is the case, the care given to you or your child will not be affected by your decision.

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