The department of Physiology participates in teaching the normal structure and function of the human body for undergraduate medical students during Phase 1 of the MBBS degree programme which lays the foundation for the study of derangement of the normal physiology in clinical medicine. In addition to the medical undergraduate programme the department engages in teaching BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences) and BSc ( External degree in Physioltherapy)  programmes of the University of Kelaniya. Senior academic staff members of the department contribute to many post graduate teaching programs and examinations conducted by the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine of the University of Colombo.

The upgraded laboratories provide practical training in human physiology for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The department has a state of the art Gastroenterology Research Laboratory which provides investigation facilities for research and clinical purposes. In addition, the Department of Physiology has well equipped Respiratory Physiology and Autonomic Function laboratories.

The main research interests of the department are gastrointestinal physiology, respiratory physiology, clinical genetics, autonomic nervous system functions, geriatric medicine, endocrinology and pathophysiological effects of radiation and environmental pollution.

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