Postgraduate training in histopathology

  • MD Histopathology part 1
  • MD Histopathology part 2
  • Training in GI Pathology

The post graduate training in histopathology conducted by the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka is a training program carried out over 6 years that leads to Board Certification as a specialist in Histopathology. The candidates are enrolled following a selection examination which is followed by a short course of basic laboratory sciences. Thereafter they undergo an intense in-service training under the supervision of designated trainers approved by the Board of Study in Pathology. The training takes place in two stages. On comple¬tion of first two years the trainees will sit the first examination in Histopathology which they are required to pass in order to proceed to the second stage of training in Histopathology which will also extend over two years.the second examination in Histopathology will take place at the end of the second two years. Up to 2016 the first examination was designated as Diploma in Histopathology and the second examination as MD Histopathology . Under the revised prospectus of Post graduate institute of Medicine, University of Colombo on MD and Board Certification in Histopathology these are designated as part 1 and part 2 in MD Histopathology respectively. Those who complete the MD exam will undergo a one year training period locally as a senior registrar and a further year of training at an overseas center of excellence, approved by the Board of Study in Pathology.

The department has been recognized training center for the above course since 1997. There are approximately 10 trainees who have completed the MD histopathology course and are practicing as specialists in histopathology. The academic staff members of the department are examiners at the post graduate examinations in histopathology.


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