Academic staff members in the Department of Forensic Medicine contribute towards teaching MBBS students mainly through the Legal Medicine & Toxicology Module, the clinical appointment in Legal Medicine, and in the Behavioural Sciences, Mental Health & Ethics Strand.

Legal Medicine & Toxicology Module

The Legal Medicine and Toxicology module is conducted in the 4th year 1st term, together with the Neuroscience module. The aim of the module is to enable students to gather adequate knowledge and skills to attend to their Medico-Legal duties efficiently when they practice as doctors. The responsibility for organization and conduct of the module lies with the Module Committee where the Chairperson and the Secretary are from the Department of Forensic Medicine. The module comprises of 60 hours of teaching and learning, with scheduled lectures, tutorials, video demonstrations and fixed learning activities. Academics of the department regularly conducts student feed backs and peer evaluations during the module.

pdfStudent Hand Book : Legal Medicine

Clinical training in Legal Medicine

Clinical training in Legal Medicine is organized and conducted by the Department at the North Colombo Teaching Hospital in collaboration with the Office of the Judicial Medical Officer, Ragama. Students follow a two-week appointment with a clinical evaluation at the end of the training.

pdfStudent Log Book : Legal Medicine

Behavioural Science, Mental Health and Ethics Strand

Academic staff members from the Department of Forensic Medicine are responsible for teaching the Ethics section of this learning strand. Classes are conducted during the 4th year 1st term in parallel with the Legal Medicine and Neuroscience modules. 20 hours of teaching and learning are allocated to the subject; activities include lectures, small group discussions and seminars. Staff members also contribute towards other teaching activities in this learning strand during Phases I and II of the MBBS curriculum.

In addition to the above activities, academic staff members in the Department also contribute towards the administration of the MBBS curriculum, especially in the 3rd and 4th year of study.

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