1. Take lead in the activities of the professional bodies related to the field of Forensic Medicine in uplifting the standards.
    • Serve in the councils of College of Forensic Pathologists of Sri Lanka, Medico-Legal Society of Sri Lanka and Indo-Pacific association of Law, Medicine and Science by holding various posts and as members
    • Develop guidelines
    • Being resource persons in continuous professional development activities

  2.  Education and training of Judicial and Police officers.

    • Department academics provide their services as resource persons in workshops and training courses for lawyers.
    • Department academics provide their services as resource persons in workshops, training courses for police officers

  3. Education of the public on legal medicine.

    • The Department has developed trilingual posters on various aspects of medico-legal importance that are used at medical faculty exhibitions and other exhibitions. We provide these free-of charge for school exhibitions
    • The department with the assistance of the audio-visual unit has developed two short films on post-mortem examination and exhumations for public display at exhibitions
    • The members participate in medical education programmes in mass-media on request
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