SAFE Teaching and Training Unit

SAFE Teaching and Training Unit Ragama is a joint effort of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya and the Office of the Judicial Medical Officer, North Colombo Teaching Hospital Ragama with the assistance of USAIDS. The teaching training unit is consisted with an examination suite with all relevant facilities and a mini laboratory to conduct the basic forensic investigations. The equipment were donated under the RISIN project of the USAIDS.

The teaching and training is provided by six specialists in forensic medicine attached to the North Colombo Teaching Hospital in gender and cultural sensitive manner since the teaching group is consisted with a diverse group of females and males specialists in equal numbers. Though the unit is mainly for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education related to sexual assault forensic examinations the teaching and training of other service providers related to judicial process such as lawyers, law enforcement officers and child care officers will never be forgotten. Thus we plan to provide short courses and training workshops in the medical and medico-legal management in a maximum of 10-15 in numbers with the assistance of Peadiatricians, Psychiatrists, Gynaecologists and molecular biologists from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya and North Colombo Teaching Hospital,Ragama.    While providing teaching and training we will also focus on giving a good medico-legal service that is in par with the international standards.

SAFE teaching training unit aspires to be an internationally recognized centre of excellence in forensic medical education, services and research. Therefore, we plan to move forwards in the digital era using information technology.

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