Research and Publications

The academics of the Department actively pursue research in their field of interest.

Selected on-going research projects

  • Study on significance of scant inflammation in myocardium as a cause of death; to develop criteria for autopsy diagnosis of myocarditis based on inflammatory index (Funded by University of Kelaniya)
    Dr. IDG Kitulwatta & Dr. PAS Edirisinghe
  • A Study of Elder abuse among outpatient department attendees in a Tertiary Hospital (Funded by University of Kelaniya)
    Dr. PAS Edirisinghe, Dr. P Paranithran, Dr.Shehan Willams, Dr.WNS Perera
  • Estimation of stature and determination of sex of persons using femur in Sri Lankan population (Funded by University of Kelaniya)
    Dr.BPP Perera & Dr. WNS Perera
  • A study on the relationship of alcohol intake & liver disease
    Dr. P. Paranitharan, Dr. W.N.S. Perera
  • Public knowledge & attitude towards Autopsy; A study at NCTH in Sri Lanka
    Dr. W.N.S. Perera, Dr. B.P.P. Perera, Dr. P. Paranitharan
  • Study on assessment of reaction time based on ruler drop test
    WARS Rajapaksha, Dr.I.G.D.Kitulwatte(Supervisor), Dr.P.A.S.Edirisinghe(Supervisor)
  • Study on evaluation on knowledge attitude and practice of medical officers in related to basic Medico-legal and ethical issues encountered in medical practice.
    Dr.W.A.S.R.Wickramarachchi, Dr.P.A.S.Edirisinghe (Supervisor), Dr.I.G.D.Kitulwatte (Supervisor), Dr.M.N.P.Magammana

Selected publications in index journals

  • Paranitharan P,  Edirisinghe, P.A.S., , ShehanWillims,Elder abuse-a wakeup call (leading article)  Ceylon Medical Journal.2009;54:1-3


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