Forensic Medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the application of medical knowledge and expertise in the administration of justice. It is a clinical specialty that involves the examination of the dead and living. Department of Forensic Medicine provides it's clinical services through the Colombo North Teaching Hospital Ragama, based at the Office of the Judicial Medical Officer, Ragama. The subject is taught in the 4th year of undergraduate training through Legal Medicine & Toxicology module and clinical appointment is conducted by the department academic staff at the Teaching Hospital, Ragama. Other than undergraduate teaching, the academic staff is also involved in postgraduate training of Diploma in Legal Medicine and Doctorate of Medicine(MD) in Forensic Medicine, and the Department is an approved training centre of the Post-Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo.

Academics attached to the Department also give their services to the Judiciary as experts in forensic medicine, in conduction of death investigations and Medico-Legal Examination of cases of assaults, sexual abuse, child abuse, road traffic accident victims, alleged torture etc. They give expert evidence in High Courts in Sri Lanka as well as provide assistance to the Ministry of Justice when required.

The Department of Forensic Medicine conducts research in many areas. Homicides, Child and adolescent sexual abuse, elder abuse, cause of death, alleged torture, Road Traffic Accidents, Compensation, effects of alcohol on drivers, forensic histology are few to name.


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