Members of the department have many publications covering a vast area relevant to the following,

  • General practice morbidity Information technology and family medicine
  • Communication with patients as a general practitioner
  • Referral letters in general practice
  • Outpatient morbidity profile.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Medical education and family medicine

We presented the findings of our study “the morbidity profile of a university family practice clinic, classified according to the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC)” recently at the 2016 Annual Academic Sessions of College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka.

One of the landmark achievements of the department is the study done at the outpatient department (OPD) of the North Colombo Teaching Hospital. To bridge the gap of scarce morbidity data regarding out patients in the country we did a prospective, cross sectional study, where we collected data on reasons for encounter, problem definition and the process of care.

A part of the findings from this study were presented at 130th Anniversary medical congress 2017, sri lanka medical Association. as a poster with the title 'morbility pattern and process of care at a teaching hospital out patient department in sri lanka'

Future plans

We are in the process of starting a new interventional study about medically unexplained symptoms in collaboration with the University of Keele, UK.Professor Athula Sumathipala,Professor of Psychiatry is taking the lead in this collaboration.
Professor Chris Mallen from University of Keele visited the Department to make the initial arrangements of Future Research in Primary Care.

We also want to expand the pilot study on primary care morbidity to include the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western regions of the country.

Best Performance during clinical appointment

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 Dr. Dishani  Dr. Dinidu

100% Attendance with successful completion of the work book     

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