Family medicine is the medical specialty, which provides comprehensive, continuing, health care in both preventive and curative contexts for the individual and family. It is a specialty in breadth that integrates the biological, clinical and behavioural sciences. The undergraduate teaching of the Department is through the Behavioural Sciences and Ethics strand. In addition to didactic lectures and small group teaching learning activities students have a clinical rotation of one month at the University Family Medicine Clinic.

The University Family Medicine Centre established in the Faculty in 1996, provides medical care to the community, staff and students. Other than undergraduate training, it is recognised by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine for the training of postgraduates for the Diploma in Family Medicine and the MD in Family Medicine.

The department conducts an annual social welfare project in a selected under privileged area of the country. Since 2010 we have conducted health camps and medical exhibitions in the northern and eastern provinces for the benefit of post war resettled communities.

The research carried out by the department include general practice morbidity surveys, referral and consultation, patient satisfaction, adherence with diabetic medication, cervical HPV infection, assessing global family medicine research using bibliometric methods, medical informatics, medical education, morbidity pattern and patient demand for care in a primary care setting.

Best Performance during clinical appointment

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 Dr. Dishani  Dr. Dinidu

100% Attendance with successful completion of the work book     

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