Department of Anatomy trains undergraduate and postgraduate students. It was established in September 1981 as a department of the North Colombo Medical College which was subsequently vested under the UOK in 1991
The department has fully equipped state of art dissection theatre which accomadate approximately 120 students. Prossected specimens which are housed in a museum are used by students before they opt to dissect the cadavers provided. The dissection theatres also have online reference facilities by way of IT equipments which are provided to the students. A mobile video camera with necessary sound system is installed and utilized for teaching live dissections procedures.
The department also has a fully air-conditioned virtual laboratory and post graduate research laboratory. The virtual laboratory has an expensive quantum of morphology slides which are provided to students.
An osteology room and radiology laboratory are also available for student learning.
The Department of Anatomy while training undergraduate medical students, also trains post graduate students in surgery, medicine, dental and also other Allied Health Sciences.

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